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Dog Breeds Articles

Dogs in the workplace - part 4

National Take Your Dog to Work Day (TYDTWD) is June 22, 2018. Will you be sharing your office with a furry co-worker this Friday?
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Tags: Dogs, Working with dogs, Dog Breeds, Dogs in the Workplace

Pet sitter stories: that night I slept on the bathroom floor

The year was 1996. I owned a pet sitting and dog walking company and loved doing visits. Even though I had several dozen dog walkers and pet sitters on my ...
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Tags: Dogs, Canine Behavior, Canine Communication, Dog Aggression, Dog Walking, Pet sitter stories, chow chow, Dog Behavior, Dog Breeds

Best in Show - what you need to know about Westminster 

Posted by Cara Armour on Feb 13, 2018
A quick primer on the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, and why dog lovers don't have to choose between #TeamFancy and #TeamAllAmerican. (Bonus: what do ...
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Tags: Dogs, Dog Breeds, Westminster

10 high maintenance dog breeds

Posted by Betsy Lane, MA on Aug 4, 2017
“High maintenance” doesn't just mean your dog’s home away from home will be the grooming salon. It can also mean a dog who herds your children, routinely ...
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Tags: Dogs, Dog Grooming, Grooming, Pet Wellness, PetSmart, Sponsored Content, Dog Breeds

Farewell to Whisper

Posted by fetchysblog on Jun 26, 2017
By Jamie Migdal, CEO of FetchFind
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Tags: Uncategorized, Dogs, Good dog, Whisper, Dog Behavior, Dog Breeds

Fun facts about Newfoundlands

Posted by fetchysblog on May 3, 2017
By John Miller
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Tags: Dogs, Rescue Dogs, Water dogs, Dog Breeds, Newfoundland

That time I hit the rescue dog jackpot

Posted by fetchysblog on Apr 21, 2017
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Tags: Dogs, Animal Assisted Therapy, Big dogs, Pet Partners, Petfinder, Rescue, Rescue Dogs, The Amazing Sitka, Dog Breeds, Newfoundland

A tale of two collies

Most of you have seen pictures of my two rescue collies, Whisper and Mimsy. But you probably don’t know their backstories.
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Tags: Dogs, pawTree, Pet Food, Pet Wellness, Sponsored Content, Dog Breeds

What is the link between white dogs and deafness?

Posted by fetchysblog on Mar 3, 2017
By Mary Beth Miller
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Tags: Dogs, BAER test, Deafness in dogs, Merle dogs, Pet Wellness, Piebald dogs, White dogs, Dog Breeds, Pet Health

Great Scottie! Fun facts about the Scottish Terrier

Posted by fetchysblog on Jan 27, 2017
By Emily Bruer
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Tags: Uncategorized, Dogs, Scotties, Scottish terriers, Dog Breeds

Why having a dog with a strong predation instinct isn't always a bad thing

Posted by fetchysblog on Sep 23, 2016
Chester looking very proud after a successful night of mouse hunting.
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Tags: Dogs, Prey drive in dogs, Rodents, Terriers, Dog Behavior, Dog Breeds

A tale of two Labs in the city

Posted by fetchysblog on Jun 28, 2016
By Nancy Paolucci
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Tags: Dogs, Labrador retriever, Reactive Dogs, urban dogs, Dog Breeds, Dog Training

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