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FetchFind is committed to being transparent and responsive with regard to the rapidly-developing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. Our top priority is the health and safety of our team, our clients, and the greater pet care community.
For more information and up-to-date resources created to help you weather this crisis, please click here.

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Becoming A Dog Trainer Articles

Got the 9-to-5 blues? We have the solution!

Posted by fetchysblog on Feb 22, 2017
If you've taken Behavior Fundamentals Online, you already have a great foundation in canine behavior, communication, breeds, and evolution. If Fundamentals has ...
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Tags: Advanced training skills, Becoming a Dog Trainer, Essential training skills, FetchFind Academy, Dog Training

"Can you fix my dog?"

Posted by fetchysblog on Jan 2, 2017
By Bill Mayeroff
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Tags: Education, Dog Trainers, Dogs, Becoming a Dog Trainer, compensation, FetchFind Academy, Dog Training

Why I decided to become a dog trainer

Posted by fetchysblog on Aug 12, 2016
  This goofball is Chester. He's part of the reason I want to work with dogs.
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Tags: Becoming a Dog Trainer, Career change, Pet Industry Careers, Rescue, Dog Training

How I became a dog trainer

Posted by fetchysblog on Jul 4, 2016
By Nancy Paolucci
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Tags: Dogs, Anxious dogs, Becoming a Dog Trainer, FetchFind Academy, Off leash dogs, Pet Industry Careers, Dog Training

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