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FetchFind is committed to being transparent and responsive with regard to the rapidly-developing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. Our top priority is the health and safety of our team, our clients, and the greater pet care community.
For more information and up-to-date resources created to help you weather this crisis, please click here.

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Dog socialization: start your pup out on the right paw

Posted by fetchysblog on Mar 31, 2017
By Jamie Migdal, CEO of FetchFind
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Tags: Dogs, Canine Socialization, Dog Behavior, Dog playgroups, Dog Training

10 common yard items that can be dangerous for pets

Posted by fetchysblog on Mar 29, 2017
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Tags: Dogs, Cats, Pet Emergencies, Pet Poison Control Hotline, Pet Poisons, Pet Safety, poisonous plants, yard dangers, ethylene glycol, Pet Health

A lesson in authenticity

Posted by fetchysblog on Mar 22, 2017
We're so proud that these outstanding pet professionals are FetchFind clients! Top row, L-R: Jenna Gotch of Passionately Pets, Lauren Cora of Dogs Deserve It, ...
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Tags: Business, Entrepreneurs, Social media, Marketing

How to rock Global Pet Expo - like a Boss!

Posted by fetchysblog on Mar 20, 2017
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Tags: Business, Pet Industry, Dogaholics, Entrepreneurs, Pet Boss Nation, Pet industry tradeshows and conferences, Trade Shows, Global Pet Expo

Why do dogs howl?

Posted by fetchysblog on Mar 17, 2017
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Tags: Dogs, Dog Behavior

A tale of two collies

Most of you have seen pictures of my two rescue collies, Whisper and Mimsy. But you probably don’t know their backstories.
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Tags: Dogs, pawTree, Pet Food, Pet Wellness, Sponsored Content, Dog Breeds

No more pulling!

Posted by fetchysblog on Mar 8, 2017
By Alexis Davison, Australia Dog Walking Academy Instructor and owner of Scholars in Collars
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Tags: Dog Walking, Equipment, Pulling, Dog Behavior, Dog Training

Reciprocity and gratitude

Posted by fetchysblog on Mar 6, 2017
By Jamie Migdal. CEO of FetchFind
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Tags: Business, collaboration, Entrepreneurs, gratitutde, Pet Industry Insider, Relationships

What is the link between white dogs and deafness?

Posted by fetchysblog on Mar 3, 2017
By Mary Beth Miller
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Tags: Dogs, BAER test, Deafness in dogs, Merle dogs, Pet Wellness, Piebald dogs, White dogs, Dog Breeds, Pet Health

How to find the right rabbit for you

Posted by fetchysblog on Mar 1, 2017
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Tags: Adoption, Rabbits, Red Door Animal Shelter, Pet Adoption, Pet Care

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