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FetchFind is committed to being transparent and responsive with regard to the rapidly-developing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. Our top priority is the health and safety of our team, our clients, and the greater pet care community.
For more information and up-to-date resources created to help you weather this crisis, please click here.

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Coping with COVID-19: Tips for Your Pet Business

The one pet blogging resource to rule them all

Top tips for getting through construction season

Why do dogs lift their legs?

Can you ear me now? Top tips for healthy ears.

Pet safety: common yard hazards

National Dog Bite Prevention Week

Spring is here - get out and volunteer!

Three reasons why Kitten Season is a BIG deal

How to maximize your trade show ROI

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Celebrate Professional Pet Sitters Week!

Help! My dog has separation anxiety

Show your BFF some love with Elvis Pupcakes

Indoor dog sports: dock diving

Let there be light

First, be kind to yourself

Indoor dog sports: rally

No more resolutions

Indoor dog sports: nose work

Indoor dog sports: barn hunt

Indoor dog sports: agility

Top tips for safe holidays

You're a good dog, Lady Gray

Gratitude goes both ways

Top Thanksgiving safety tips

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month!

Get ready, stay ready: caring for pets during a crisis

Be a better blogger in ten minutes a day

Find your tribe

Costumes and candy and doorbells - oh my! A dog's-eye view of Halloween.

It's Adopt a Shelter Dog month!

FetchFind becomes official education provider for IBPSA

Cat wrangling tips for emergency cat fostering

When pet rescue is in your DNA

Time, space, respect: top tips for emergency pet fostering

Get more reviews + more customers

Do you have an emergency action plan?

#WorkLifeChallenge: recharge your batteries

Working with dogs: From cashier to company leader

National Dog Day is August 26, 2018!

Basic training, part 2: Sit

Clear the Shelters: Adopting a Just-Right Dog

Does your pet care biz need video marketing mojo?

Basic training, part 1: Touch

10 common yard items that can be dangerous for pets

How to Start a Pet Business with Dogs

How studying dog behavior ruins 'cute' dog videos

Low-stress handling — what groomers should know

So you want to start a dog daycare business

National Pet Fire Safety Day

July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month

Hitting the trails with your dog? Here's how to prepare.

Heatmaps and reporting

How to prevent your dog from overheating

7 ways to get through the 4th of July

Why does my dog roll in the grass?

Dogs in the workplace - part 4

How much water should your dog drink?

Dogs in the workplace - part 3

Make dog handling easier with the "raccoon touch"

Dogs in the workplace - part 2

The #1 command to teach your dog

Dogs in the workplace - part 1

Top 3 summer safety tips for your dog

NAPPS + FetchFind - even better together!

Space management 101: baby gating

Cat + dog: 10 tips for a safe introduction

Basic training, part 5: Crates

Space management 101: crating

Celebrate National Therapy Animal Day!

Space management 101: tethering

Kids + dogs: what to do when Fido gets sick

Dog bites bite

Get Fido ready for Baby: 6 tips for a safe transition

Is your pet emergency kit up to date?

New on FetchFind - the Pet Daycare & Boarding Staff Handbook!

The top 3 reasons to love pet industry trade shows

Arranging content to fit YOUR staff training needs

The highs and lows of a professional pet care career

Pet sitter stories: that night I slept on the bathroom floor

How to choose the perfect dog walker

Don't make assumptions: top 5 takeaways from a website launch

Bark management 101

How to incentivize training for independent contractors

Best in Show - what you need to know about Westminster 

Welcome to the feline revolution!

Office goals: Coffee. Walls. Dogs.

Gluten-free peanut butter dog treats

Risk management during canine influenza outbreaks

Keep your eye on the goal(s)

Top ten must-haves for every pet business website

Start the New Year with a great Year-End

Season's Greetings!

How to keep the fur from flying

Business challenge: delegation (part 2)

Business challenge: delegation (part 1)

Plan to make plans - and don't make small ones

How to find a good dog trainer

Finicky cat? Make meals more enticing with these tips

Thankful for you -- every day of the year

Have a very Fetchy Thanksgiving!

Why do cats pant?

WTF (Really!)

How to teach your cat to walk on leash

Help - I have to leave my dog home alone all day while I'm at work!

What is catnip (and why does my cat love it so much)?

Sassy's new clothes

Carrot cake - for dogs!

Is your dog a good fit for doggy daycare?

Canine curiosities your groomer knows

How to get rid of that cat pee smell

Halloween safety tips

Why does a trip to the grooming salon take so long, anyway?!

Welcome home, Sassy!

How to get what you want - and make it a win-win for everybody

What makes a great groomer great?

Ancient cat breeds

Fun activities for fall weather

Setting your dog up for success at the salon

What's up with those kitty whiskers?

Renewal isn't always about new

How to get what you want from your dog groomer

How to train your cat to stay off the counter

How to help your dog's allergies

Lucky Star


When your cat is a hat

It's time to take some time off

How to find a great groomer

What does the cat say?

National Dog Day is August 26, 2017!

Traveling with your dog? Bring these essentials on your next trip!

How to choose the right turtle for you

DIY dog grooming (and when to call the pros)

5 reasons why you should adopt an older cat

Clear the Shelters - how to adopt your just-right dog

SuperZoo 2017

How to get a great ROI from pet industry trade shows

10 high maintenance dog breeds

Introducing Kitty to Baby

Emergency prevention, planning, & protocols for dog walkers

Three unexpected things you need to know to keep your dog healthy

How to toilet train your cat

Where do I begin? Launching your successful career with animals

Thanks to you - we did it!!

A clean litter box = a happy cat

Building a great career, step by step

It's all about the community

A sense of community and family in the grooming salon

How to prevent urinary tract infections in cats

From cashier to confident groomer to company leader

2017 Pet Age ICON Awards announced

Farewell to Whisper

Dog fights: do this, don't do that

Secrets to pet business success

When your business is your significant other

You have to take care of yourself, too

Pet-friendly fun in the Windy City!

Dogs, discernment, and doughnuts

The miracle solution for skunky dogs

We're on a mission from Dog

It's okay - he's friendly!

Give your rescue dog a sound beginning

Walking reactive dogs: distraction to the rescue!

Add some TTouch to your training toolbox!

Fun facts about Newfoundlands

Troubleshooting during training

Top tips for selling a home with a pet in the house

That time I hit the rescue dog jackpot

Making behavior a win-win

Do rats make good pets?

Basic training, part 4: Watch Me

Make someone happy with Animal-Assisted Therapy!

Basic training, part 3: Down

Dog socialization: start your pup out on the right paw

10 common yard items that can be dangerous for pets

A lesson in authenticity

How to rock Global Pet Expo - like a Boss!

Why do dogs howl?

A tale of two collies

No more pulling!

Reciprocity and gratitude

What is the link between white dogs and deafness?

How to find the right rabbit for you

Joyful work: mental health days

How to keep the fur from flying

Got the 9-to-5 blues? We have the solution!

Do you want to join the FetchFind Revolution?

Are you missing out on allowable tax deductions?

Better than chocolate

Can you keep miniature goats as pets?

Work like a dog or lead the pack: the Pet Boss guide to MORE foot traffic in your store

Keep your eyes on the prize

Why are most calico cats female?

Favorite fictional pups!

Rules of engagement for great dog walks

Great Scottie! Fun facts about the Scottish Terrier

Getting back your authenticity

Turtle vs. tortoise: what’s the difference?

Feline monsters!

What everybody should know about growth plates

FetchFind CEO joins Prosper Women Entrepreneurs Accelerator Program in St Louis

The joys and challenges of dog walking for a living

What a month!

"Can you fix my dog?"

Happy holidays!

A sales game to play with your team

3 easy tactics to increase holiday sales

Get yourself out there

5 things successful dog pros do

Graduation means the real work starts now

Right now vs big picture

Go pro!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Big Box, who? Indies rule this holiday season!

FetchFind acquires PawedIn

Dog training, expectations and me

You're not alone

You get what you work for

3 ways to get your dream job working with pets

Have (or want) a business? Then you need a pitch.

How to pick the best doggy daycare

Misreading the signals

Are retractable leashes a good idea?

My first client!

How studying dog behavior ruins "cute" dog videos ... and why that's a good thing

Say hello to Behavior Fundamentals - now online!

Volunteering: a win-win proposition

Why having a dog with a strong predation instinct isn't always a bad thing

Low-Stress Handling — What Groomers Should Know About This Hot Niche Market

Shipping a dog: What you need to know

15 ways to honor the memory of a beloved pet

Living a top dog life

Life after dog, part 3: the dogless dog trainer

Summer training update: Chester edition

Life after dog, part 2: life with kids

Life after dog, part 1: the calm after the storm

It's never too late to start working with pets

Always be innovating: 8 things we loved at P3

The top 10 dog breeds (and why I love them)

It's tough to practice what you preach

Pet tech: apps and gear I'm loving right now

Thinking of rescuing a dog? Here are 5 ways to make the process a win-win all around.

Why I decided to become a dog trainer

Urban coyotes get protection (of a sort) in Chicago

I made a bad choice

Age is just a number

The day I felt like Sally Field

In Memoriam – Jill Tondu (1967-2016)

Introducing cat to dog

It's never too late to channel your inner Girl Scout

Just another great reason to train your dog

How did I get here?

How I became a dog trainer

When it comes to canine enrichment, think inside (and outside) the box

I thought I was a good dog trainer, until I got a puppy

Fido of All Trades: How having so many pet industry jobs helped me fetch my calling

I had two birds - and then I got a dog

How I learned to live with my dog’s aggression

A tale of two Labs in the city

Why I do therapy work

It's the Summer of YOU!

Want to Be a Dog Walker? Here's What to Expect.

Top 5 Must-Have Apps for Dog Walkers

Risk Management During Canine Influenza Outbreaks

Oh, No - You Didn't Just Say That!

The Dog Trainer’s Dilemma: What to Do When People Ask You for Free Advice

The Big Reveal

What Kind of Dog Is That?

Low-Stress Handling— What Groomers Should Know About This Hot Niche Market

14 Reasons Why Dogs Brighten Our Holiday Season

DogVacay Host Spotlight: Gwenn & Jeff C.

Fun Holiday Activities with Your Dog in Chicago

DogVacay Host Spotlight: Dusty P. from K9 Karma Casa

How to Start a Dog Daycare Business

Join the DogVacay Team and Make Money Working with Dogs!

How to Start a Pet Business with Dogs

Appreciating the Art, Along with the Science, of Canine Massage

Join Us for the Healthy Happy Dog Summit!

Chicago School of Canine Massage and Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute Announce Merger!

Wolf Park Rocks!

National Pet Memorial Day: 15 Ways to Remember a Beloved Pet

Who Should I Hire?

FetchFind and Chicago School of Canine Massage Announce Partnership

Clear the Shelters: Adopting a Just-Right Dog

Have You Been Listening to Pets Mean Business?

Featured Company: Family Pet Animal Hospital

Apps for Good

So You Want To Be a Groomer

Featured Company: Passionately Pets

Featured Company: Bigger Road Veterinary Center

Featured Company: Canine Cabana

Team Fetchy Supports iBark in the Park!

Featured Company: Dogaholics

Featured Company: Worthee

Featured Company: Dogs Deserve It

Featured Company: Urban Leash

What is Animal-Assisted Therapy?

A Good Education

FetchFind Digs Up Huge Buzz for Pet Industry Careers

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